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Typing Meter - Security Information

Typing Meter is able to monitor the words that you type in all other applications.

Typing Meter itself does not fulfill high security requirements. However, reasonable security can be obtained using appropriate Windows security settings. Make sure that:

1 No-one else has access to your Windows user profile and knows your password
2 Only you have read/write access to the Typing Meter application folder and your Windows profile folder
3 You always lock your workstation when not at your computer

Security Tips

  Use Strong Passwords
For extra safety, you should use special marks and/or numbers in any passwords you use. TypingMeter always stops analyzing non-alphabetic words.
  Confidential Applications
If you type confidential information in one or more applications, you can stop Typing Analyzer from monitoring by pressing Pause symbol from the Typing Meter dialog.
  Confidential Documents
If you need to type a document that contains confidential information, you can temporarily pause Typing Meter, too.
After uninstalling the Typing Meter, be sure to delete the entire contents of the TypingMeter folder located inside your Windows profile folder.

Security Statement

Typing Meter is able to monitor all keyboarding and Typing Meter saves the data about key hits in the user's own Application Data folder and uses it in the program to show statistics and create personalized exercises. Typing Analyzer does not use this data in any other way nor send it anywhere.

Typing Innovation Group Ltd. does not under any circumstances guarantee the security of Typing Meter and does not recommend its use to anybody in high security environments.

Typing Innovation Group Ltd. is not liable for any security damages the Typing Meter may cause and shall not pay any compensation for such claims.